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Real Estate Transactions Attorney Serving New York City

Real Estate Leasing Purchase and Sale Attorneys

At our firm, we handle real estate transactions for single-family, multi-family, and commercial property. If you need legal advice or representation, it is wise to seek the counsel of experienced Manhattan real estate transaction attorneys.

Our firm provides legal advice and representation to clients in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Nassau, Suffolk, and Rockland Counties in a variety of aspects of real estate transactions, including:

  • Real estate sales: Residential and commercial property follows the same types of regulations, but commercial sales and purchases are a bit more complex. We can guide clients through the entire process.

  • Real estate purchases: We advise and represent clients through all phases of the purchase of the residential or commercial property.

  • Leasing: We represent clients as they navigate leasing agreements. Some of the areas we help clients with are commercial leases, net leases, options to purchase, and options to renew or extend.

Our experience through all facets of real estate transactions works to benefit our clients. We understand the purchase side of the agreement, which gives us the ability to complete the sale side of the agreement effectively. Clients appreciate our ability to negotiate from both sides. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at our office to schedule a free consultation.

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If you have questions regarding residential or commercial real estate purchase, sales, and leasing, for a free initial consultation, contact us or call our office. We maintain flexible office hours to accommodate the needs of our clients.