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Manhattan Securities Fraud Lawyers

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We are constantly looking to protect investors by investigating cases where investors have been the victims of fraudulent or deceptive conduct. We are always interested in hearing about such situations. If you believe that you have been the victim of investor fraud, please contact a lawyer at our firm.

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Securities and Financial Fraud

In addition, we represent investors who were injured in the purchase or sale of securities or were damaged as the result of corporate fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty and other financial wrongdoing. For example, the federal securities laws require publicly traded corporations to communicate with investors in a truthful and timely manner. If this does not happen, investors may be harmed by overpaying for these securities. Stockholders also may be damaged where there have been violations of fair process and fair price, the business judgment rule, shareholder voting rights, or where there are claims of corporate waste. We also can represent stockholders in connection with a range of merger and acquisition transactions such as where there is the sale of a company at unfair prices and/or on unfair terms, including where management fails to solicit and consider other offers or management fails to disclose vital information to shareholders.


Antitrust laws exist to protect free markets from monopolies, price fixing and unfair trade practices such as bid rigging and price discrimination. Antitrust laws are meant to protect consumers and businesses from anti-competitive practices that unfairly inflate prices. Consumers and businesses can be harmed by price collusion, abuse of market power, and deceptive or fraudulent business practices. We can represent individuals and businesses that have been injured by the anti-competitive actions of suppliers, purchasers or competitors.

What Is a Class Action?

The types of actions described above often are brought as "class actions." A class-action lawsuit can occur when many different people suffer from the same problem and can combine their similar complaints. Class actions often are filed when it would be impractical or too expensive for each person who was harmed to file an individual lawsuit. Class actions allow small shareholders or consumers to band together to seek recovery from large corporations that have much greater legal and financial resources. Usually one (or a few) person, often called a "Representative Plaintiff," represents everyone who suffered similar harm from the defendant's alleged unlawful conduct. This saves the court time and allows a single judge to hear all the concerns at the same time and come to one resolution for all parties. If the court agrees to certify the complaints as a class action, all class members should have equal say and rights to any monies or remedies ordered by the court.

The typical class action takes at least two to three years to litigate, although the actual time it takes to resolve a case varies, depending on the complexity of the case, the issues involved and other factors.

What Are the Costs and Expenses for Me if I Participate In a Class Action?

Costs and expenses of a class-action lawsuit usually are advanced by the law firms prosecuting the case on behalf of the class. We work on a contingent fee basis, which means that only if we are successful, we will ask the court to grant us reimbursement of our out-of-pocket expenses and attorneys fees — usually a percentage of the total recovery.


We work with attorneys who have worked in the Office of the New York State Attorney General and had important roles in litigating and successfully settling consumer and investor fraud cases such as Dewey v. Volkswagen, 07-CV-2249 (D.N.J.) (settlement currently valued at over $50 million); In re Harmonic, Inc. Sec. Litig., 00-cv-2287 (N.D. Cal.) ($15 million recovery); In re Danis v. USN Comm'ns, Inc., 98-CV-7482 (N.D. Ill.) ($44.7 million recovery); In re Nicor Sec. Litig., 02-CV-5168 (N.D. Ill.) ($39 million recovery); In re Harmonic Inc. Sec. Litig., 00-2287 (N.D. Cal.) ($15 million recovery); Kreigel v. Pacific Sci.Co., 98-CV-4163 (C.D.Cal.) ($14.75 million recovery) and In re Datascope Corp. Sec. Litig., 93-CV-4954 (D.N.J.) ($10.5 million recovery).

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