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Estate Litigation & Probate Administration

Attorneys in the New York Metropolitan Area

Representation in Estate Matters since 1992

If you are a beneficiary of an estate or have been named as executor, administrator or personal representative, and there are disagreements regarding the distribution of assets, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. You want an attorney who understands the probate and administration process and who has successfully helped others in similar situations.

At the law office of Krim & Krim, P.C., we represent individuals in disputes arising out of estate matters. We also help executors, administrators and personal representatives settle an estate. We have a strong commitment to personal service and attention, answering all our own phone calls and working directly with clients throughout the legal process.

Contact our office or call us at 212-827-0341 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Our Estate Litigation Practice

We handle all types of lawsuits involving the distribution of assets of an estate. Specifically, we represent parties in:

  • Will contests. We litigate all types of issues regarding the validity of wills or the distribution of assets under a will, including whether the deceased was of sound mind when the will was executed, disputes when the intentions of the deceased are uncertain, and questions over valuation of assets.
  • Disputes over who should be administrator of an estate. If no will exists, parties often argue over who should be given responsibility for settling the estate.
  • Claims involving allegations that money or property was taken prematurely.

Our Surrogate Court Practice

If you have been named as executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, we will help you satisfy the requirements of the probate court and successfully settle the estate. We will prepare and file all the necessary documents to initiate the probate process, as well as any responses required by the probate court. When required we will help you prepare and file an accounting of the assets of the estate, obtain property appraisals when necessary, make certain all final debts and tax obligations are satisfied (including the preparation and filing of federal and state estate tax returns), and oversee the orderly distribution of assets according to the terms of the will or law.

Contact Us

To set up a free initial consultation, contact us or call our office at 212-827-0341. We maintain flexible office hours to accommodate the needs of our clients.

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