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Civil Litigation

Trial Lawyers in New York City

Extensive Experience in Civil Litigation

If you have been unable to resolve a legal dispute amicably and need the intervention of a court of law to resolve your differences, you want an experienced and seasoned attorney to represent you throughout the course of litigation, from the initial filing through discovery and trial, if necessary. You want a lawyer with extensive experience in court, one who has successfully litigated on behalf of others in similar circumstances.

At the law office of Krim & Krim, PC, we have represented individuals and small businesses in civil litigation since 1992. Our attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable advocates who work directly with clients throughout the appeals process. We handle a wide range of civil disputes, but only take cases that we believe are in the best interests of our clients.

Contact our office or call us at 212-827-0341 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Our Civil Litigation Practice

We represent individuals and small businesses as plaintiffs in a wide range of civil matters, including

When you hire us to protect your rights in a civil dispute, we will always prepare the case to go to trial. Our thorough preparation and our extensive experience often allow us to meet your objectives through a negotiated settlement before trial.

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To set up a free initial consultation, contact us or call our office at 212-827-0341. We maintain flexible office hours to accommodate the needs of our clients.

  • Personal injury litigation. We litigate a broad range of claims arising out of the negligent or careless acts of others, including cases involving injuries suffered as a result of dog bites or animal attack, negligently maintained property (such as stairs, sidewalks, floors or pavement), slips and falls, products liability and automobile accidents, including city and school bus accidents.
  • Contract actions. We protect the rights of parties in disputes involving allegations of breach of contract.

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