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Attorneys in New York City: Civil Appeals

Experienced and Seasoned Trial Lawyers

If a trial court rendered a verdict or judgment against you and you believe mistakes were made in the trial or an opponent in a trial has filed an appeal of an unfavorable ruling, you want to work with an experience appellate attorney. The appeals process differs dramatically from the trial process. You want a lawyer who understands the rules of appellate procedure, who has the skill and experience to prepare the briefs of law that are integral to an appeal, and who has successfully argued on behalf of others in civil appeals.

At the law office of Krim & Krim, PC, we have represented individuals and small businesses in civil matters, including appeals, since 1992. Our attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable advocates who work directly with clients throughout the appeals process. We handle a wide range of civil appeals, but only take cases that we believe are in the best interests of our clients.

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Our Civil Appeals Practice

In the American legal system, the rulings of a trial court may only be appealed if there are errors of law, such as the erroneous admission or exclusion of evidence, or improper instructions of law to a jury. At Krim & Krim, PC, our considerable experience helps us quickly identify those types of errors, so that we can prepare a solid case for appeal. When we handle the civil trial, we make certain to put our objections on the record so that we can preserve issues for appeal, if necessary.

We represent individuals or businesses as appellants or respondents in civil appeals, often working with clients from the inception of a lawsuit through the final resolution in the appellate courts. We handle a broad range of appeals, including appeals to department level, arbitration awards, contract disputes and post-trial issues.

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